Those who buy a Lefrac bag does not do so for just one reason.

They do so not only for the recognizable design, for the simple but original volumes, for the practicality in everyday use in every context.

They do so not only because of the bright colours, but also because of the class and style of the combinations.

Nor do they do so only for the choice of natural and ethical materials, for 100% wool felt and for vegan leather that make each model sustainable.

They do it, probably, for the sum of all these elements, because they don’t intend to give up any of the things that make them happy.

Lefrac was born precisely for this reason: to affirm the right to elegance in colour and style in sustainability, through the creation of original pieces with unlimited life, capable of maintaining their uniqueness over time. Those who choose Lefrac do not choose mere showiness, but rely on details to seduce and communicate their style.

Why Lefrac? Because it’s Lefrac!


wool felt bag sky color