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Large Blue Tote Bag

Large Blue Tote Bag

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Roomy without being bulky, soft to the touch but sturdy, suitable for work or a day out, our tote bag combines an elegant external design with surprising capacity and perfect internal organization.

Made of high quality Merino wool felt (lighter, sturdier and more sustainable than leather) and with vegan leather made from organic material, our tote, thanks to the two internal magnetic buttons and a large opening, makes it easy to get things in and out on the go and to keep the most precious objects safe thanks to two large internal pockets.


- 3mm Merino Wool Felt

- Vegan leather made from bio materials

- Two large internal pockets: 1 zippered, 1 open

- Overall:  34cm H 41cm W 9cm D/ 13,38” H 16,14” W 3,54” D

- Handle’s drop: 27 cm/ 10,62”

- Pendant leather with Lefrac logo 

- The bag is sold with its natural cotton dust bag

- Compatible with computers up to 13” and all tablets and e-readers



Merino Wool felt: 

Merino Wool felt as well as being one of the oldest fabrics created by man is above all one of the most resistant and durable fabric. In fact, thanks to its nature as a non-woven fabric, wool felt does not tear or break and by its nature it is more resistant than leather; also it is:

- Sustainable

- Biodegradable

- Renew them

- Natural

- Waterproof

- Odor, stain, heat resistant and dirt resistant

The leather:

Our leather is a vegan and eco-friendly  leather made with organic material consisting of 69% raw materials of vegetable origin deriving from the processing of corn grown for industrial and chemical sectors and not for food chain whose environmental impact  is limited compared to the traditional ones.

How it looks: Our leather has a characteristic vintage look with lighter parts especially near the handles and darker parts, this "worn" look gives the bag a unique and unmistakable style


Wool felt naturally repels dirt and is waterproof: drops of water remain on the surface without penetrating deeply, making it very easy to clean:

- Leave to air dry if greasy or wet;

- Use a soft brush to remove dust or revive the color;

- Wipe up liquid drops immediately to avoid stains;

- Remove stains using a damp microfiber cloth.

- In case of persistent stains: dab a small amount of delicate soap for wool directly on the stain, press gently with your fingers to let the soap penetrate, leave to act for a few minutes and dab with a cloth to remove excess soap. Spray plenty of fresh water on the affected area and dab several times with the cloth. Repeat the operation until the stain disappears.

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